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gas What made the State Agency of Geology and Minerals disclose non-secret permit?

On June 29, 2016, EPL eventually received from the State Agency of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine a special permit for subsoil use issued to the company “Shell Exploration and Production Ukraine Investment (IV) BV” and “Nadra Yuzivska” Ltd within implementation of the product sharing agreement for hydrocarbons to be extracted within Yuzivska area….

10890_1070885109599605_7470776094025687652_n State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine Hold Accountable for Non-compliance with the Court Judgment

On February 29, 2016 Chief Sate Enforcement Officer of the Unit of Enforcement of Judgements of the State Enforcement Service Department of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine adopted a regulation on imposing fine on the State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine in the amount of 680,00 UAH for non-enforcement of the…

Will Ukraine win the information war about shale gas and will it be able to make wise decisions?

In 2012-2013, International charitable organization “Environment–People–Law” (EPL) was one of the first organizations that studied the issue of extraction of unconventional hydrocarbons and results of these studies can beviewed here. After overturn of Yanukovych’s regime pro-shale propaganda abated but not for long. On 11 October 2015, EPL was invited to premier watching of documentary film…

Unfracked: why shale gas should stay in the ground & Gasland Part II film screening


Determining the origin of methane and its effect on the aquifer


Exclusive: Censored EPA PA Fracking Water Contamination Presentation Published


A Wealth of Scientific Resources on Hydraulic Fracturing

By Seth B. Shonkoff, PhD, MPH Physicians, Scientists, and Engineers for Healthy Energy (PSE) is dedicated to supplying sound, evidence-based, scientific information and resources on energy policy choices including those involving shale gas and tight oil development (i.e. hydraulic fracturing) and the transition to renewable energy portfolios. PSE’s mission is to bring scientific transparency to…

Chevron Among Drillers Facing Gas Wells Nuisance Lawsuit


Shale Boom Might Not Come to Europe, says Report for NATO


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