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Environmental education

Environmental education forms an important part of EPL activity.Online Course on International Environmental Law

EPL aims to familiarize students with modern academic discourse on hot environmental and legal issues and to help them to form their own views on the interrelation between the man and environment, and their roles in preserving the environment through the law and in establishing rule of law.

This area includes the following activities of EPL:


Distance education

The first online courses on international environmental law was developed by lawyers and environmental scientists of International charitable organization “Environment-People-Law” (hereinafter - EPL) in 2015. The online course on international environmental law was delivered in January-June 2016 and proved to be very successful. The similar course was given in 2017. In 2018 we widened the audience of the course by translating it into English. Annually, since 2015, students of law, environmental, biology, geography, international relations and other faculties interested in international protection of the environment are invited to participate in the course. Participation is free of charge. Participants are selected on a competitive basis.

The 2019 course consists of six modules covering the general principles of international environmental law and management, international experience in resolving of complex tasks in the management of natural territories, an overview of the situation in Ukraine, as well as some aspects of international legal regulation of biodiversity loss, management of forests, marshes and meadows, the cost of ecosystem services, networks of protected areas and animal protection. The topics of the modules were selected by the developers, considering the limited time, human resources, their importance and relevance for today’s active youth, who is involved in the protection of the environment. Traditionally, the course will be conducted on the Moodle training platform, which will provide each participant with the opportunity to take the course in a progressive and convenient learning environment.


Summer law school

Traditionally, the on-line course ends with the summer school. Students who have successfully completed the course are invited to participate in the summer school on international environmental law. Participation is free of charge. Each year the school is held in the Carpathians with the participation of internationally recognized professors and practitioners in the field.


Raise a new generation of environmental lawyers

EPL helps raise a new generation of environmental lawyers through environmental and legal internship for students of different educational institutions.


Clinical program

Clinical program of environmental law for law students.


Distance course for judges "human rights and protection of the environment"

The paper based course for judges was developed by EPL in 2015 with the objective of learning and sharing expirience on consideration of environmental cases, adherence to the principle of sustainable development and the Aarhus Convention, which provides an effective tool for both the public and judges to effectively protect the right to life and healthy environment.

Over the course of three years, the it has become the place for sharing positive court decisions in the field of environmental protection at the national level, exchange of the most current experience on environmental matters.

Ecologization of all processes in Ukraine is conditioned by the Association Agreement, which obliges Ukraine to bring its environmental legislation into conformity with the respactive EU legal acts and make it work for the environment.
In 2018 the course was put on the Moodle learning platform. The online course is currently available on the website of the National School of Judges of Ukraine at http://sdn.nsj.gov.ua/