P.O. 316, Lviv, 79000

+380 32 225 76 82



How to become a member

Membership is open to all individuals engaged in public interest environmental law reform and advocacy in Central and Eastern European countries and the Newly Independent States. Conditions of membership are activity and territory related. Anyone is admitted who at least partly involved in practical and theoretical public interest environmental law issues in the enlisted countries….

Foundig members of the Association

Aida Iskoyan Alexei Shumilo Andrey Andrusevich Anne O’Malley Antonina Bobkova Ara Nazaryan Boris Vasilkovskiy Brian Rohan Cynthia Alkon Dmitry Skrylnikov Douglas Tookey Elena Laevskaia Eva Kovacechova Florin Vasiliu Ilia Trombitskiy Iurii Pislari Jan Jerzmansky Janet Katz Jerzy Jendroska John Bonine Jurii Miagkohod Karin Krchnak Magda Toth Nagy Maria Longi Marianna Bolshakova Merab Barbakadze Milena Novakova…

Charter of the Association

“The purpose of the Association is to promote regional cooperation in public interest environmental law reform and advocacy, while contributing to the protection of the environment as well as promoting the rule of law and increasing participatory democracy.” Article 1 – Name and Status The name of the organization is the Environmental Law Association of…

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