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Climate change

Climate change now presents one of the most serious challenges to human civilization.

United Nations’ and other international experts unanimously conclude that human activity causes global warming.

Climate change is a  priority issue for the international public interest environmental law organization Environment-People-Law.


  • participates in international climate change negotiation process
  • develops, improves and comments climate change legislation
  • does legal research and provides legal consultations on climate issues
  • watches and assists public authorities
  • facilitates public participation in decision making on climate change issues
  • and litigates climate change cases.

We cooperate with the working group of Ukrainian NGOs dealing with climate change  (www.climategroup.org.ua), which alerts, informs, and focuses the Ukrainian public  on climate change issues on national and international levels.

Materials on and available through our site aim to inform the interested public about climate change and mechanisms of law applicable to it.