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Nuclear energy

Nuclear power in the modern conditions of energy deficit is a source of electricity, but to ensure nuclear safety and support of Ukraine’s protection balance careful approach to the operation of reactors, competent handling of nuclear materials, combating illicit trafficking of nuclear fuel and related environmental crime is required. Nuclear risks and nuclear accidents have transboundary character, that is why nuclear safety issues require special attention and are a problem for the whole international community, without exception.

One of the activities of EPL is overlooking the processes related to nuclear power.

EPL is involved in:

  • improving, developing, commenting legislation in the field of nuclear energy;
  • monitoring compliance with national and international legislation on nuclear safety;
  • investigating and controlling the compliance of national and international norms on lifetime extension of nuclear reactors;
  • nuclear decommissioning;
  • monitoring, tracking, controlling and preventing  aging reactors;
  • legal research on this subject;

EPL is a member of the Public Council under the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine. EPL also aims its activities at informing interested public about nuclear energy issues and adherence to standards of nuclear safety in Ukraine.