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Ukrainian court opened proceedings regarding confidentiality of shale gas agreement

On May 23, 2013 the Administrative court of the city of Kyiv opened proceedings on the lawsuit filed by Environment-People-Law against the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine regarding limited access of the public to information regarding a product sharing agreement signed by the Government of Ukraine and Shell. By this agreement, the Government vested investors…

The first victory of environmental communities in shale gas conflict

On 22 May, the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Environmental Policy, Use of Natural Resources and Liquidation of Consequences of Chornobyl Disaster held hearings entitled “Environmental problems of shale gas extraction in Ukraine” initiated and organized by the head of the Committee Iryna Sekh. The Committee hearings were attended by deputies, staff of the Verkhovna Rada…

American studies prove the cases of environment pollution related to shale gas extraction

“Ukrainian media disseminate legends about successful technologies of shale gas extraction in the territory of the USA and wide support of American people for these technologies. However, according to official studies of the Environmental Protection Agency of the USA, up to 20% – 40% of the chemicals remain underground, they are biologically undegradable and contaminate…

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NY Assembly Votes to Extend Fracking Moratorium Until 2015


Chevron’s Peter Clark: ‘We’re not going to cut corners in Ukraine’


Big fracking fluid spill near Windsor is cleaned up, company says


Water fouled with fracking chemicals spews near Windsor


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