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smitnyky-u-stokgolmi What is the clue to Swedish effectiveness of waste management?

Sophia Shutiak, EPL lawyer, was looking for the answer to the question at the meeting of Avfall Sverige company – the Swedish Waste Management Association.1 As explained Jon Nilsson–Djerf, the representative of the Association, Sweden has a complex system of waste collection that is very effective. But Swedes are modest and say that there is…

Either waste legislation is amended today or the country will face “waste collapse” tomorrow

On 10-11 November, Kyiv hosted International practical conference “Road map for Ukraine in the sphere of waste management and electronic governance” organized by the Embassy of Sweden to Ukraine and International charitable organization “Environment-People-Law” that gathered stakeholders representing the state, waste processing business in Ukraine and European countries, the public, experts in the sphere of…

Agenda for Ukraine in the sphere of waste management

For the Committee on Environmental Policy, Nature Use and Liquidation of Consequences of Chornobyl Catastrophe in the Supreme Council of Ukraine: To review the draft laws initiated by law–making subjects in the sphere of waste management in compliance with the below presented proposals and initiate their inclusion into agenda of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine….

Agenda for Ukraine in the sphere of electronic governance for environmental protection

The challenges faced by Ukraine in the sphere of environmental protection are the following: • increasing efficiency and optimizing public administration, • systematic eradication of corruption, • optimization of controlling and regulatory burden on business, • implementation of international commitments undertaken by Ukraine, • ensuring the rights of Ukrainian citizens in terms of access to…

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