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Solving the problem of Hrybovychi landfill and solid waste management in Lviv

Essence of case: negligence on behalf of Lviv city council regarding the need to close Hrybovychi landfill and begin its safe reclamation. Essence of problem: Lviv city council plans to continue storing waste on Hrybovychi landfill, because Landfill reclamation program of 2013 provides for such an opportunity. In addition, draft reclamation program should be revised…

Waste Incineration Plant

Case: Waste Incineration Plant EPL versus Lviv City Council Region: Lviv, Lviv region Essence of case: Prevention of the environmentally dangerous project Parties: EPL, Lviv City Council Essence of problem: Prevention of construction of dangerous waste incineration plant through the Internet Main facts: It happens that in our work we have to use not only…

Waste Processing Plant in the village Mezyrichya

Case: Waste Processing Plant in the village Mezyrichya Residents of Mezyrichya versus Chervonograd city council Region: Ukraine, Lviv oblast Essence of case: Protection of the right to safe and healthy environment, right to participation in environmental decision-making Parties:    Residents of Mezyrichya – plaintiffsChervonograd city council – defendant Essence of problem: Suspension of the construction of…

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