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6 June 2023 Destruction of the Kakhovka HPP: preliminary conclusions and possible consequences

Representatives of environmental civil society movement in Ukraine appeal to our colleagues in the area of environmental protection, international experts, institutions that aim to protect the environment, secretariats of international environmental conventions, authorized bodies, and individuals of the United Nations within their mandates and capabilities and request to respond to the latest act of ecocide…

24 May 2023 Circular economy: faster steps are needed to achieve the EU’s circular economy goals

According to the European Commission’s revised Circular Economy Monitoring Framework1, published on 15 May 2023, the EU must continue its efforts to reduce consumption and reduce waste generation with the aim of achieving a more circular economy. The rate of increase in resource extraction is the main cause of the triple planetary crisis: climate change,…

24 May 2023 G7 Leaders’ Statement on Ukraine

The leaders of the democratic world, G7, released a joint statement on Ukraine on May 19, 20231. At the meeting in Hiroshima (Japan), the G7 leaders reaffirmed their commitment to the joint opposition to russia’s illegal, unjustifiable and unprovoked war of aggression against Ukraine. They condemned russia’s manifest violation of the Charter of the United…

19 May 2023 Integrated environmental permit: Czech experience and Ukraine’s intentions

  Recently, EPL representatives visited the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic where they learned about Czech experience of implementing IPPC/EID Directive that began in 2002 with the adoption of a separate law on integrated pollution prevention and control that entered into force in 2007. The procedure of issuance of an integrated environmental permit…

4 May 2023 Environmental Inspectorate in the Czech Republic is an effective nature protection body that respects business

  During the visit of EPL representatives to the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic, the team members of the organization had the opportunity to thoroughly analyze the work of the Czech Environmental Inspectorate. Structure and directions of work The Czech Environmental Inspectorate (CEI) was founded in 1991 and has 13 offices: 1 central…


May 4, 2023   At the end of April, representatives of EPL had meetings with experts from the Ministry of Environment and the Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection of the Czech Republic. During these meetings we discussed the Nature Restoration Law1, which is the first comprehensive law in this direction across the continent….

8 April 2023 Meeting on access to justice in Geneva

Olya Melen-Zabramna participated in the meeting of the Task Force on Access to Justice in environmental matters, organized under the auspices of Aarhus Convention in Geneva during 4-5 April 2023. The meeting was focused on discussion of progress and challenges in access to justice in energy related issues and in the cases related to biodiversity….

31 March 2023 The European Parliament passed a historic decision on the recognition of ecocide at the EU level

The European Parliament passed a historic decision on the recognition of ecocide at the EU level. According to its decision, the European Parliament supports the inclusion of ecocide in the revised EU Directive on Protection of the Environment, with the help of criminal law. This is the first time in history that such a definition…

29 March 2023 Save Svydovets

Svydovets is one of the most massive and elevated mountain ranges of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Covered with alpine meadows and primeval forests on the slopes, its relief is known for cirques and lakes with snowdrops around them. This is one of the most valuable natural areas, a place of growth of Red List Edelweiss, a…

23 March 2023 The war is not the reason for violating the Espoo Convention and damaging the environment

Since 2004, Ukraine has experienced problems at the international level due to non-compliance with the Espoo Convention provisions1 during construction of navigation canal Danube-Black Sea through Bystre arm. Almost 20 years ago late Minister of Transport H. Kyrpa decided to construct the Danube–Black Sea canal through the core area of Danube Biosphere Reserve – Bystre…

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