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16 лютого 2018 «Green» tarrif: who is for it and who is against?

On 15 February 2018, State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine jointly with Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs held the round-table discussion “Using solid domestic waste as a source of energy for production of thermal and electric power in Ukraine”. Although the round-table was declared to be open and accessible for…

16 лютого 2018 Ploughing steppe instead of fighting

On 15 February 2018, the final decision in EPL’s case regarding the ploughing of the landscape reserve “Tarutynski steppe” was adopted. The decision of the Supreme Economic Court upheld the decisions of the courts of the first and appellate courts that invalidated the contract № 5 -2016 of 13.07.2016 “On the cultivation of agricultural crops”…

19 грудня 2017 EPL calls on the National Commission of State Regulation in Energy and Communal Services (NCSRECS) not to allocate fuds to Ukrhidroenerho for destruction of the Dnister

According to the official web-site of the National Commission of State Regulation in Energy and Communal Services (NCSRECS), on 13 November 2017 there was held a public discussion of the draft resolution on setting tariffs for sale of electricity by Ukrhidroenerho in 2018. According to this draft, 20 mln UAH are planned to be spent…

15 грудня 2017 Announcement on enrollment of students for the on-line course on international environmental law

International charitable organization “Environment-People-Law” announces a competition for selection of students of the third on-line course on international environmental law that will run from February to May 2018. The 2018 course will concentrate on two major topics – horizontal environmental legislation and waste management. The course will include six modules on the most urgent issues…

15 грудня 2017 The prices have dropped, the schemes are still there!

About results of functioning of the Department of Environmental Protection of Kyiv Regional State Administration and State Environmental Academy in 2017 In January last year EPL released the article “How officials make profit on creation of protected areas» that wrote about the scheme used by the Department of Environmental Protection at Kyiv Regional State Administration,…

8 грудня 2017 Holosiyv National Nature Park will meet Christmas under court protection

On 7 December, the collegium of judges of Kyiv Appellate Economic Court conducted the hearing of the court case regarding protection of Bychok tract. Plaintiffs in the case are the administration of Holosiyiv National Nature Park and Kyiv Prosecutor’s Office. International charitable organization “Environment-People-Law” and the Ministry of Environment of Ukraine joined the lawsuit as…

7 грудня 2017 Battle to prevent poisoning of Ukraine – where is the Ministry of Environment?

For two years, the Parliament of Ukraine has been trying to introduce in Ukraine “green” tariff for energy production through waste incineration. Currently, the draft law №4835-д «On amendment of some laws of Ukraine to stimulate use of domestic waste as alternative source of energy” is on the agenda of the Parliament1. Positions of EPL…

7 грудня 2017 Money does not smell? Ukrhidroenergo company started project works to destroy the Dnister

For over two years, there have been public discussions regarding the construction of six new big hydro power plants on the Dniester. PJSC “Ukrhydroenergo” and the Ministry of Fuel and Energy insist on the necessity of the construction stipulating it by the lack of electricity and the need to protect the population from floods. On…

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