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Environmental education

Environmental education forms an important part of EPL activity.online-corse-en

EPL aims to familiarize students with modern academic discourse on hot environmental and legal issues and to help them to form their own views on the interrelation between the man and environment, and their roles in preserving the environment through the law and in establishing rule of law.

This area includes the following activities of EPL:


distance education

EPL offers a distance education course of environmental law for lawyers though the Internet and e-mail. For 2010, EPL plans to offer a special distance course devoted to hot environmental issues of Ukrainian and international environmental law. The goal of the course is for students to form skills for finding and working with applicable law, to master methods of legal analysis in applying international environmental law, to encourage professional legal culture, to teach means for clarification and conception of environmental and legal problems, and to stimulate personal commitment and empowerment to further environmental protection.


summer law school

EPL’s summer law school is an annual professional educational program for lawyers who desire a deeper knowledge of environmental law. The school is for 4th and 5th-year students of law faculties who will in the future work in fields related to environmental protection. The summer school aims to teach through guided independent study, through summary and analysis of environmental law, and through practical and clinical experience with EPL lawyers.


raise a new generation of environmental lawyers

EPL helps raise a new generation of environmental lawyers through environmental and legal internship for students of different educational institutions.


clinical program

Clinical program of environmental law for law students.