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Water is synonymous with life, and indispensable to it.

Water quality and quantity are important features of environmental health.

Water resources are essential for people, plants, and animals, and are themselves limited and vulnerable.

Earth has only limited water supplies, and drinking water resources dwindle annually.  Ukraine is among the countries with limited water resources.

As humans’ impacts on the environment intensify development of and adherence to rules for rational use and protection of water resources are necessary.


  • protects waters from pollution, exhaustion, and other threats.
  • In this, we also protect human health, the health of water animals and other wildlife, agriculture, and other aspects of the environment.
  • protects wetlands including those of international importance within the Ramsar Convention;
  • protects citizens’ right to high quality drinking water;
  • protects wetlands from misuse;
  • controls compliance with international agreements in the field of protecting water resources;
  • improves legislation in the field of protecting water resources.