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EPL: Events and Announcements

23 May 2022 We call on President Zelensky not to sign the draft law # 7282!

  MPs without an official decision of the Committee on Environmental Policy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, an official position of the Ministry of Environment are trying to cancel the SEA – Strategic Environmental Assessment – for a number of programs in oblasts and local communities, which assesses environmental impact at the planning stage….

20 May 2022 Planning recovery without new environmental crises

  Ukraine has chosen the way of recovery,which should be aimed at improving the quality of life and implementing European standards. Therefore, recovery planning must be in line with European approaches and take into account environmental, climate and resource-saving aspects. Other tools designed to ensure good quality decision-making include SEA and EIA. The application of…

19 May 2022 Statement from the environmental civil society regarding Ukraine’s forest policy

Over the last few years, many changes have taken place in the forestry and forest management sector in Ukraine, which have improved the opportunities for public involvement in sustainable forest management. In particular, during 2018-2021 afforestation plans were opened, an electronic register of tree logging tickets was created (on the website of the state enterprise…

19 May 2022 News OSCE meeting

Olya Melen-Zabramna participates in OSCE Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting on the Functioning of Democratic Institutions in Times of Crisis, taking place on 16-17 May in Vienna in Hofburg Palace. On 17th May, 2022 Olya spoke at side-event “Five human rights issues during Russia’s aggression against Ukraine: the position of the “Tribunal for Putin” initiative”, organized…

18 May 2022 Notes from today’s meeting of OSCE

Olya Melen-Zabramna participates in OSCE Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting on the Functioning of Democratic Institutions in Times of Crisis, taking place on 16-17 May in Vienna in Hofburg Palace.   In session dedicated to the role of national and local institutions as guardians of democracy in times of crisis. Three keynote speakers were talking about…

13 May 2022 Honorary Award of the Chairman of the Board of EPL John Bonain

Professor John Bonine, Chair of the Executive Board of International charitable organization “Environment-People-Law”, co-founder of the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide, was awarded the Normandy Honor for Peace as a Guardian of Future Generations. The ceremony took place at the UN headquarters. We are proud and learn from Professor Bonine to follow our dreams, protect and…

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The nature protected fund is a contribution into preservation of life on Earth

The most effective mechanism for the biodiversity protection on the Earth is the preservation of species and ecosystems in the places of their natural dispersal. Creation of protected areas is a globally acknowledged tool for the protection of biodiversity. Whereas in Ukraine, the nature protected fund (NPF) is still only a partially effective tool for…

Does Ukraine need satisfaction?

The draft principles of International Law Commission (ILC) refer to “satisfaction”, which consists in “an acknowledgement of the breach, an expression of regret, a formal apology or another appropriate modality” as the third form of damage compensation – reparations. Satisfaction is intended as a form of compensation for damage caused by a violation that cannot…


About us

EPL is a public interest environmental law organization which since 1994 has been protecting environmental rights, supporting, restoring and improving the environment and providing legal help in protecting other human rights, especially those which overlap with environmental rights.

We care about environment in Ukraine and abroad and are concerned about all the risks, threats and dangers which may lead to deterioration of the environment.

At present environmental protection is the hottest problem of the humankind. There is a growing threat not only for human health and well-being but for existence of life on our planet in general.

Work of the organization is directed towards transformation of safe though often extremely polluted environment into favorable for life and health environment, preservation of biodiversity, protection of flora and fauna, stoppage of uncontrolled emissions and dumps of harmful substances into environment and elimination of other negative factors, fight with non-activity as for global environmental issues in general and climate change issues in particular.


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27 January 2022 Our priorities for 2022 Read
28 December 2021 Ukrainian eco-democracy: level up!

Achievements and gaps in the implementation of environmental rights of citizens were discussed in Lviv   In the autumn of 2001, the Aarhus Convention of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe on access to information, public participation in decision-making and access to justice in environmental matters entered into force. On December 21, representatives of…

22 September 2021 Presumed threat to Emerald site “Polonina Borzhava” (UA0000263) from wind energy development

We present you the official position of the International Charitable Organization “Environment-People-Law” towards the case “Presumed threat to Emerald site” Polonina Borzhava “(UA0000263) from wind energy development” released 21.09.2021 on the 2nd Meeting of Experts Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats with civil society and other stakeholders. The full text can be…


Social networks:

EPL (formerly Ecopravo-lviv) is a nongovernmental international organization, created in 1994 in order to provide assistance to individuals and legal persons in the protection of environmental rights, to promote the development of the environment protection, environmental education, science and culture.

History of organization

  • 1994 y.
    March 24 – established Charitable foundation “Ecopravo – Lviv.”
  • 1994 y.
    October 14 – created the “Center for Public Environmental Advocacy” with ABA / CEELI.
  • 1994 y.

    – Еstablished the environmental legal library of the CF “Ecopravo-Lviv”

    – Оrganized the conference of the Association of Environmental Law of the EECCA countries

    – Оrganized the conference of the Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide

  • 1995 y.

    – June – founded Environmental Advocacy Journal

    – The CF “Ecopravo- Lviv” became the Headquarters of Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide

  • 1998 y.

    EPL participated in the negotiations of the Aarhus Convention under the auspices of the UNECE, in the process of signature, ratification and implementation in the European project “Doors to Democracy.”

  • 2001 y.
    EPL became the headquarters of the Guta Association.
  • 2002 y.

    – Established Ukraine’s first environmental law clinical program for training legal practitioners;
    – EPL’s President elected the Vice Chairman of the Compliance Committee of the Convention of access to information, public participation and access to justice in environmental matters
    – Started implementation of the Aarhus Convention in Ukraine.

  • 2003 y.

    – Symposium for Judges in Central and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia.

    – Organization of the meeting of the Steering Committee of the IUCN.Environmental Commission

    – EPL realized the project “Promotion of adaptation of environmental law of the EU in Ukraine”

  • 2003 y.

    – International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) recognized EPL as the center of legal excellency

    – Established cooperation with the Secretariat of the Espoo Convention, Ramsar, Danube and Bonn Conventions and UN Framework Convention on Climate Change with the aim to preserve biodiversity

  • 2004 y.

    – The project “Development of the Center of Environmental Advocacy”

    – The project “Analysis of possibilities to realize the program of evaluation of environmental activity and release of information”

  • 2004 y.

    – DOEN Foundation started support of the environmental public advocacy center

    – Launched the institutional support of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.

  • 2005 y.

    – 25 November – renaming Charitable fund “Ecopravo – Lviv” to International charitable organization “Environment-People-Law” (EPL).

    – The project “Enforcement of access to environmental information”

  • 2006 y.

    EPL representative was awarded the most prestigious award in the sphere of environmental protection – Goldman Prize – for strategic case of the organization “The Danube-Black Sea”.

  • 2007 y.

    – The Project “Sanitary protective zones, nuclear safety and climate change» funded by Sigrid Rausing Trust

    – The Project “Access to environmental information in Ukraine: the experience of NGOs and public authorities.”

  • 2007 y.

    – The Project “Strengthening public participation in environmental matters through strategic litigation.”

    – The Project ““Improvement of access to justice in environmental matters through public monitoring of courts”

  • 2008 y.

    – Establishment of the journal “Environment. People .Law. ” .

    – The Project ” Utilization of toxic pesticides in the territory of Lviv oblast in the basin of transboundary rivers Syan and Western Buh”

  • 2009 y.

    – The Project “Public monitoring of the cases relating to environmental rights of people in Lviv and Ternopil regions.”

    – The Project “New legal tools for effective control of pollution emissions”

  • 2009 y.

    – The Project “Stimulation of realization of the right to access to information owned by the state”

    – The Open Society Institute (Budapest) started institutional support of EPL.

  • 2010 y.

    – The Project “Improvement of access to environmental information through stimulation of openness of relevant public authorities”

    – The Project “Stimulating the Ukrainian public to participation in the realization of the European strategy of the Danube region”

  • 2010 y.

    – Winning the lawsuit at the European Court of Human Rights

    – The Project “Legal protection of environmental rights of citizens.”

    – EPL became a member of the Working group “Envint”, a member of WG3 of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

  • 2011 y.

    – The Project “Information and activation of public participation in developing the National Action Plan for the EU Strategy for the Danube Region”

    – The Project “Improvement of legal preconditions and activation of the public for protection of environmental rights of citizens»

  • 2011 y.

    – The Project “Developing preconditions for effective application of the Law of Ukraine “On Access to Public Information in the Sphere of Environmental Protection”

    – The Project Public participation and transparency in nuclear safety issues”

  • 2011 y.

    – EPL became a member the Climate Action Network (CAN)

    – EPL became a member of ANPED.

    – EPL became a member of The Access Initiative (TAI).

  • 2012 y.

    EPL coordinated the process of drafting Annual report “Public assessment of national environmental policy” in 2003-2012

  • 2013 y.

    – EPL became a member of the Academy of Environmental Law of the International Union for Conservation of Nature

    – The Project ” Enforcing European standards of environmental impact assessment in Ukraine”

  • 2013 y.

    – The Project “Improvement of regulation of environmental component in regional programs in Lviv region”

    – EPL signed an agreement with Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) for realization of the project on building capacity of EPL and providing institutional support for the organization.

  • 2013 y.

    – The Project to develop strategic litigation in Ukraine.

    – The establishment of Ecolitigation National Platform

    – The Project “Strengthening participatory democracy for effective protection of the environment.”

    – Creation of the network of pro bono legal aid in Ukraine.

  • 2014 y.

    – The opening of the office in Kyiv.

    – International Symposium “Human Rights and the Environment in the new Ukraine, in honor of Professor Svitlana Kravchenko.”

    – Launching the clinical program for students-environmentalists.

  • 2014 y.

    – Development of the first version of the electronic analytical system of environmental information.

    – EPL became a member of the European Environmental Bureau (EEB).

  • 2015 y.

    – Start of the projects funded by FOSI, TTF, USAID.

    – Revival of the Guta Association of environmental lawyers from Central and Eastern Europe and the Caucasus

  • 2015 y.

    – Development of the course for judges “Human rights and the environment”

    – Creation of on-line environmental law library.

    – Co-authorship of the draft law of Ukraine “On Environmental Impact Assessment”.

  • 2016 y.
    Development of the on-line course on international environmental law.
  • 2017 y.
    Creation of the Ukrainian Center of Environmental Policy and Action