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13 February 2015 Coastal communities dumping 8m tonnes of plastic in oceans every year

China ranked top polluter as figures suggest total plastic litter ending up in the seas could rise tenfold by 2025.

12 February 2015 Fossil fuel lobby goes on the attack against divestment movement

The speed at which the fossil fuel divestment campaign is growing seems to have rattled its opponents in the coal and oil lobbies

12 February 2015 UK threatens to hit back at Austria over Hinkley Point legal challenge

UK ministers are warning their Austrian counterparts that an arsenal of retaliatory measures will be launched if Vienna goes ahead with plans to challenge an EU state aid decision approving subsidies for new nuclear reactors at Hinkley point in Somerset. A diplomatic cable from the Austrian embassy in London to Vienna, seen by the Guardian,…

5 February 2015 Richard Branson leads call to free global economy from carbon emissions

Prominent business leaders claim setting a net-zero emissions target for 2050 would push companies into reducing their reliance on fossil fuels. Governments should set a clear target of making the world’s economy free from carbon emissions by mid-century, Sir Richard Branson and a group of other prominent businesspeople have urged.

4 February 2015 Conservationists v chainsaws: the RSPB’s battle to save an Indonesian rainforest

In 2007 an RSPB-led group bought up a series of logged-out Indonesian forests to bring them back from the brink. But in a country that’s losing trees faster than any other and where farmers are desperate for land, it’s an uphill effort. Brad Sanders, an American forestry manager in Jambi province on the Indonesian island…

4 February 2015 Barrier Reef coral genetically altered in hope of surviving climate change

Coral species from different climes being mixed as a form of ‘assisted evolution’ to see if it will help them adapt more quickly to rising sea temperatures. The Australian government’s marine research agency is looking to genetically alter species of coral to help them cope with rising sea temperatures, as new modelling showed the coverage…

3 February 2015 British army brigadier says he is a scapegoat in Romanian forest scandal

High-ranking official stands accused of colluding with criminals to illegally claim 43,000 hectares of forest land owned by the state. A high-ranking British army official has said he is an innocent scapegoat in a scandal over an alleged illegal land grab of a huge tract of Romanian forest. In a court hearing reported by Romanian…

3 February 2015 14 of the 15 hottest years on record have occurred since 2000, UN says

World Metereological Organisation’s analysis narrowly places 2014 as the hottest recorded since 1850, as global warming continues. Fourteen of the 15 hottest years on record have occurred since 2000, according to the UN World Meteorological Organisation, as rising carbon emissions continue to trap heat and drive climate change.

2 February 2015 Australia tells UN it is acting with ‘renewed vigour’ on Great Barrier Reef

Environment minister Greg Hunt argues Australia has heeded the alarm raised over the reef’s health and it should not be listed as ‘in danger’ by Unesco. The Australian government has told the UN it is acting with “renewed vigour” to halt the decline of the Great Barrier Reef in its official case arguing that the…

29 January 2015 First ever footage of African golden cat sheds light on species

Camera trap film of one of the world’s most elusive cats shows the animal stalking a group of monkeys in Uganda Conservationists have recorded the first ever video of the African golden cat, the continent’s least-studied wild cat and one of the planet’s most elusive. In the footage, captured in Kibale national park in south…

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