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25 August 2015 Here’s what happens when you try to replicate climate contrarian papers

A new paper finds common errors among the 3% of climate papers that reject the global warming consensus

21 August 2015 BP lobbied against EU support for clean energy to favour gas, documents reveal

BP was part of oil and gas lobby that successfully undermined EU renewable energy targets and subsidies in favour of gas as a climate fix in 2011

21 August 2015 Pesticides linked to bee decline for first time in a countrywide field study

Landscape-wide research by former UK government agency on oilseed rape fields in England and Wales shows link between neonicotinoids and honeybee colony losses

21 August 2015 First wild grey wolf pack in nearly a century sighted in California

First confirmed wolf sighting in the state since 1924 led to discovery and photographs of pack of five cubs and two adults near Mount Shasta

17 August 2015 Too cold for the badgers to come out

It was immediately clear why the Peak District looked so verdant even in the height of what we must call summer

17 August 2015 Future of Carmichael mine hinges not on skinks or snakes, but its business case

Its potential environmental impact on vulnerable species has caused outrage, yet it is the fight to make the mine viable that may yet pose the greatest challenge

17 August 2015 Australia has denied environmental approval to just 18 projects since 2000

Guardian Australia analysis shows figures for mining projects are skewed even more starkly, as critics of environmental laws renew calls for reform

12 August 2015 Exclusive: Coalition modelling shows 2030 target will hit coal sector hardest

Yet-to-be-released forecasts show large decline in sector that Tony Abbott has said is ‘good for humanity’ owing to new greenhouse gas targets taking effect

12 August 2015 ‘Tony Abbott’s hubris is staggering’: UK’s climate adviser on emissions target

Lord Deben, head of the British government’s climate change advisory body, says Australia’s 2030 emissions reduction target puts it among the ‘don’t cares’

12 August 2015 Cutting food waste by a quarter would mean enough for everyone, says UN

With the global population rising, wastage of products including 45% of all fruit and vegetables and 20% of meat is one of the greatest challenges to achieving food security

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