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12 August 2015 2015 global temperatures are right in line with climate model predictions

Climate model global surface temperature projections have been quite accurate

10 August 2015 Mugabe hits out at failure to protect Cecil the lion

President’s comments come after Zimbabwean officials quietly lift blanket ban on hunting imposed after lion’s death

10 August 2015 Standard Chartered quits controversial Queensland coal mining project

Involvement with the mine, which critics say threatens endangered species, was exposing the London-based bank to reputational damage

10 August 2015 UK butterfly species at risk of extinction due to climate change, says study

Severe droughts caused by global warming could have a far greater impact on some UK species of butterfly than previously thought

30 July 2015 UK solar growth stalls following government subsidy cuts

Large solar power farm development largely stopped following April cuts, new figures show, and smaller farms will be hit next

30 July 2015 ‘Extinct’ fly found in Devon nature reserve

A fly thought to be extinct in the UK has been found in a Devon nature reserve.

30 July 2015 Aurora found around brown dwarf beyond our Solar System

An aurora has been spotted outside our Solar System for the first time, scientists report.

29 July 2015 Tick populations booming due to climate change

Ticks are spreading further north in the US and Canada with the potential to transmit diseases to dogs and humans, reports Earth Island Journal

29 July 2015 Is Hillary Clinton’s ambitious solar energy goal for the US workable?

Clinton’s first climate change policy pitch – for renewables to provide 33% of the nation’s electricity by 2027 – is bold, but the US must look beyond solar for a clean energy revolution

29 July 2015 Bee-harming pesticide firms took part in key meeting on their ban

Pesticide manufacturers, Bayer and Syngenta were involved in a meeting over whether to lift a ban on neonicotinoids in the UK, previously suppressed minutes reveal

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