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4 November 2015 Garden bird survey aims to solve goldfinch mystery

While many of our familiar songbird species are in decline, one avian character in particular has been spotted increasingly frequently in UK gardens – the goldfinch.

3 November 2015 How Britain’s oldest tree became ‘sexually ambiguous’

The Fortingall yew in Perthshire has started to produce red berries, suggesting a change of sex in one of its branches. It’s an unusual – but not unprecedented – switch

20 October 2015 Activist stunts make good headlines, but no long-term difference

Imagine the scene: the chairman of Shell UK, Erik Bonino, sitting alongside Lee-Anne Barraclough, Shell’s VP of communications, over a Pret a Manger takeaway at Shell’s offices in London.

20 October 2015 Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions fall to record low

Member states report a 23% drop since 1990, but the pace is slowing and several countries have missed renewable and energy efficiency targets

20 October 2015 China to take one-third stake in £24bn Hinkley nuclear power station

Details unveiled of deal signed between state-owned companies from China and France to build world’s most expensive plant on UK soil An inflatable elephant with a message addressed to the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, saying that Hinkley Point nuclear power station would be “a bad investment” for the Chinese state, is set up in an…

15 October 2015 The Remarkable Wildlife of California’s National Wildlife Refuges

This week NWF is celebrating National Wildlife Refuge Week. Wildlife refuges are some of the most important protected areas for wildlife in the country.

9 October 2015 North Yorkshire faces new pressure to reject latest fracking bid

Ryedale district council calls for five-year fracking ban in reponse to a consultation on Third Energy’s application to drill for gas in the area

9 October 2015 Africa’s largest windfarm set to connect remote Kenya to the grid

With its spectacular jade waters ringed by ochre red volcanic hills, Lake Turkana, a desert lake in Kenya’s rugged northerly corner provided a wonderful spot for Dutchman Willem Dolleman’s annual fishing expeditions in his adopted homeland.

9 October 2015 Pelotons, pace and applause: what is it like inside a pro-cycling Tour stage?

This year’s Tour of Britain was packed with top cyclists such as Bradley Wiggins, but Peter Kimpton found an alternative way of joining the race – from the passenger seat of a support car

25 August 2015 Tropical forests totalling size of India at risk of being cleared, study warns

Washington-based Center for Global Development predicts 289m hectares (714m acres) of tropical forests will be felled by 2050 based on current trends

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