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23 November 2015 Weather disasters occurred almost daily over last decade, UN says

Number of disasters such as floods and heatwaves is almost double what it was two decades ago, but scientists say ‘jury is out’ on how much is due to climate change

23 November 2015 How Africa’s fastest solar power project is lighting up Rwanda

East African plant is completed in less than a year – creating jobs and setting the country on the path to providing half its population with electricity by 2017

23 November 2015 Alberta to introduce carbon tax

Canadian province and tar sands heartland addresses criticism of inaction on climate change by announcing carbon tax and coal power phase-out

20 November 2015 Bird’s lightning ‘tap dance’ caught on camera

Non-singing birds are also known to perform elaborate dances that can include noises from wing or tail feathers – tricks that have, similarly, been unveiled by high-speed video footage.

19 November 2015 Yellowstone proposes controversial slaughter of 1,000 bison

National park authorities want to kill one in five animals to bring population down to target size

19 November 2015 Pesticides stop bumblebees from pollinating apple trees, research shows

New findings on neonicotinoids have important implications as many food crops and wildflowers rely on bee pollination to reproduce

19 November 2015 Climate change is ‘single biggest threat’ to polar bear survival

‘High probability’ of a 30% decline in polar bear numbers by 2050 due to retreating sea ice, IUCN study finds

18 November 2015 Climate change and cities: a prime source of problems, yet key to a solution

Cities are home to half the world’s population and produce around 75% of the world’s GDP and greenhouse gas emissions. By 2050, between 65% and 75% of the world population is projected to be living in cities, with more than 40 million people moving to cities each year. That’s around 3.5 billion people now, rising…

18 November 2015 Is UK climate and energy policy hypocritical or just incompetent? Craig Bennett

It’s difficult to decide which characteristic best describes the government’s approach to climate and energy policy since 8 May; hypocrisy or incompetence.

18 November 2015 The UK is harking back to the energy system of the last century

The UK’s new energy policy, sketched out on Wednesday by Amber Rudd, will keep the lights on. That’s the good news. But it makes meeting the UK’s carbon emissions targets harder and will cost energy bill payers more.

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