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15 January 2015 Rate of sea-level rise ‘steeper’

The rate at which the global oceans have risen in the past two decades is more significant than previously recognised, say US-based scientists. Their reassessment of tide gauge data from 1900-1990 found that the world’s seas went up more slowly than earlier estimates – by about 1.2mm per year. But this makes the 3mm per…

14 January 2015 High gold prices causing increased deforestation in South America, study finds

Rising gold prices have made it profitable to extract lowgrade deposits lying beneath protected Amazon and other South American forests, says study of mining impacts.

14 January 2015 ‘Green’ biomass boilers may waste billions in public money

Over £10bn could be paid in incentives for non-domestic biomass boilers despite a government study showing they are less efficient than thought and won’t help the UK meet clean energy targets. Billions of pounds of public money is to be spent supporting ‘green’ boilers, despite evidence from the government’s own experts and industry that they…

13 January 2015 Poland’s shale gas revolution evaporates in face of environmental protests

Fear and loathing stalk Poland’s shale fields, where a 400-day site occupation stopped a Chevron drill earlier this year. “Whenever Chevron organised anything, we demonstrated,” said Barbara Siegienczuk, 54, leader of the local anti-shale gas protest group Green Zurawlow in south-eastern Poland. “We made banners and placards and put posters up around the village. Only…

13 January 2015 Iceland brewery makes beer using smoked whale testicles

Icelandic brewery Stedji, which is producing the beer in time for the country’s mid-winter festival, Thorri, said the Hvalur 2 beer was made with the testicles of fin whales – which are classified as endangered on the conservation Red List – smoked in a “traditional way” with dried sheep dung. The move, which comes a…

23 December 2014 Top 500 companies’ carbon emissions rise despite calls for cuts

Report on world’s biggest 500 firms by capitalisation shows emissions are not in line with UN calls to avoid dangerous climate change Greenhouse gas emissions by the world’s top 500 companies rose 3.1% from 2010 to 2013, far off the cuts urged by the United Nations to limit global warming, a study showed on Monday….

18 December 2014 Microplastic deposits found deep in world’s oceans and seas

Study of 12 sites concludes that deep sea sediments are acting as a sink for substantial quantities tiny pieces of plastic Scientists believe they have solved the mystery of where tens of thousands of tonnes of missing tiny pieces of plastic are ending up – and the answer lies in the mud and sand on…

18 December 2014 Fishing quotas defy scientists’ advice

EU decision to increase allowed catches in most areas good news for British fishermen, but conservationists are dismayed. Britain’s fishermen will be allowed to increase their catch of cod and other key fish species next year after late-night wrangling between EU ministers in Brussels resulted in a new set of fishing quotas that flout scientific…

17 December 2014 Europe’s record hot year made at least 35 times more likely by climate change, say scientists

This year is on track to be the warmest ever recorded in Europe, and greenhouse gas emissions played a major role, according to new research. Scientists have analysed centuries of temperature records to conclude that this year’s warmth was made at least 35 times more likely because of climate change. In the UK, this year’s…

17 December 2014 EU under pressure to ban diclofenac to protect Europe’s vultures

Pressure is mounting on Europe to immediately ban a drug used by vets which has been linked to the poisoning of vultures and other birds which feed on the corpses of cows treated with it.

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