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25 December 2015 Is the Shenzhen landslide the first of many more?

This is the first time experts know of a slide of construction waste, but it fits a pattern of catastrophes that have become endemic to developing countries

25 December 2015 Insurance firm turns to planting trees in South Africa to combat drought risk

The country’s biggest agricultural insurer is working to actively reduce drought risk with a vanguard project to restore living landscapes

25 December 2015 Solar technology: the US and China look to Australian innovators for solutions

New ideas, such as solar panels that float on water supply reservoirs, could see Australia become a major renewable energy exporter

21 December 2015 Remember our miners as industrial heroes

It is appropriate that the Guardian had a quote from Dennis Skinner before the last shift at Kellingley colliery (Last bow for King Coal, killed by cheaper, greener options, 18 December), although I feel sure that he would leave the last word to the miners. The march on Saturday was an attempt at lasting community…

21 December 2015 Government’s miserable record on energy policy

The business leaders, academics and environmentalists warning that we need a major U-turn in UK energy policy (Government ‘must change course’ after climate pact, 14 December) were clearly correct.

21 December 2015 The best of climate science and humanity come together at AGU

25,000 climate scientists share their research and passion at the fall conference

21 December 2015 Mers vaccine ‘a step closer’, say scientists

An effective vaccine to protect against the Mers virus is a step closer, a report in the journal Science suggests.

21 December 2015 Australia’s Tasmania may raise smoking age to 25

The Australian state of Tasmania is considering raising the legal age for buying cigarettes to at least 21 and potentially as high as 25.

17 December 2015 2016 set to be hottest year on record globally

UK Met Office estimates 2016 will be at least as hot as 2015, which would mean the three hottest years ever had occurred in a row

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