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1 February 2016 ‘If the world ends in 2100, we’re probably OK’

Two scientists take the long view on climate change.

1 February 2016 Republicans reject climate change fears despite rebukes from scientists

Ted Cruz has presented ‘misleading’ information in the Senate, scientists say, while Marco Rubio rejects ‘destroying our economy’ – despite pleas for action coming from officials in his own state

1 February 2016 UK ministers make it ‘top priority’ to ensure nature laws do not hamper fracking

Leaked letter reveals three ministers said they would work to ensure that protections for national parks and sites of scientific interest would not create barriers to shale gas exploration

1 February 2016 Tidal lagoon technology gets multimillion-pound boost

Gupta family’s investment of around £10m will finance development of the technology in the UK and India

26 January 2016 Electric cars to use bus lanes in UK cities

Department for Transport gives £40m fund to eight towns and cities as part of a drive to boost the uptake of cleaner cars

26 January 2016 Engineers warn of looming UK energy gap

Phasing-out of coal and nuclear reactors without alternatives will combine to create a supply crunch in a decade’s time, report predicts

20 January 2016 End of sanctions may help Iran face an accelerating environmental crisis

Atrickle of water has returned this winter to Zayandeh Rud (the Zayandeh River) through Isfahan, but it won’t last long.

20 January 2016 Greener, safer, cheaper: which countries are making progress on energy?

Energy supply has become more stable in India

14 January 2016 David Cameron denies ‘backsliding’ on the environment

Prime minister rejects suggestion by liaison committee that government is failing in its approach to green energy, climate change and flooding

14 January 2016 Anti-fracking protesters defiant after eviction from Upton camp

Activists trying to prevent exploratory drilling say they will not be defeated after police clear camp and arrest nine people

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