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27 July 2015 The nine green policies killed off by the Tory government

Onshore wind, solar, green homes … we round up the measures that have gone under the knife in what some are calling the worst period for UK environmental policy in 30 years

27 July 2015 Hillary Clinton pledges half a billion solar panels for US if she wins office

Democratic presidential frontrunner also says she wants America to generate enough clean renewable energy to power every home within 10 years

27 July 2015 The Daily Mail and Telegraph get it wrong on Arctic sea ice, again

Coverage of a recent paper on Arctic sea ice and climate change suggests conservative media can’t seem to grasp the concept of long-term trends

27 July 2015 New Horizons: Pluto may have ‘nitrogen glaciers’

Pluto would appear to have glaciers of nitrogen ice, the latest pictures from the New Horizons probe suggest.

27 July 2015 Orchid spotters map shifting blooms

A citizen science project to study when and where orchids bloom around the UK has already revealed 200 new flowering locations for particular species.

27 May 2015 How Arctic ozone hole was avoided by Montreal Protocol

The Antarctic ozone hole would have been 40% bigger by now if ozone-depleting chemicals had not been banned in the 1980s, according to research. Models also show that at certain times, a large hole would have opened up at the other end of the globe. The Arctic hole would have been large enough to affect…

27 May 2015 Quake-hit Nepal seeks experts’ advice on tourism

Tourism operators in earthquake-hit Nepal say they are seeking guidance from international experts on which areas can be declared safe for trekking and mountaineering. They want to secure an assessment from top geologists because of the increased risks from earthquake-torn mountains. This type of tourism is a major source of income for Nepal.

27 May 2015 A climate change poem for today: Turbines in January by Colette Bryce

UK poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy curates a series of 20 original poems by various authors on the theme of climate change

26 May 2015 Dust, TB and HIV: the ugly face of mining in South Africa

Worried that his eyes and urine were turning a deep yellow, Gednezar Dladla made his way to a local clinic and was referred to a district hospital, where he was x-rayed, diagnosed with gallstones, and admitted for the night. Both institutions receive funding from the Wellcome Trust and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. A…

26 May 2015 Isle of the sea eagle: ‘It’s our version of the wolf’

We are lurching along the loch when the 25 seagulls hanging above our boat suddenly scatter. “It’s coming,” says David Sexton quietly. A dark shape materialises low over the water, gaining on us fast. With wings like planks and a meat-cleaver for a beak, the white-tailed eagle fixes its eyeballs (twice as large as ours)…

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