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2 April 2015 Where is the world’s greenest city?

It’s easy to say we’d like our cities to be cleaner and greener. But what does that even mean? “Greenness” is a concept that’s hard to pin down – there’s no official list of the top 50 most eco-friendly cities, nor any widely agreed set of measurements for working out how green a city actually…

25 March 2015 Great Barrier Reef: Nationals MP says environmentalists are guilty of treason

Conservation groups are ‘eco-traitors’ for lobbying the Unesco world heritage committee on reef, says Abbot government backbencher George Christensen Protesters in Sydney on global divestment day on 13 February. Coalition MP George Christiansen has said conservationists lobbying over the Great Barrier Reef want to shut the coal industry down completely. Photograph: Peter Parks/AFP/Getty Images

25 March 2015 Shell oil drilling in Arctic set to get US government permission

Controversial decision expected from US interior secretary likely to spark protests from campaigners against Anglo-Dutch exploration in seas off Alaska A Greenpeace activist covers the Shell logo in May 2012. Photograph: Michal Cizek/AFP/Getty

25 March 2015 Inside the Guardian – how we started the debate about climate change

The Guardian’s climate change campaign launched last week and already more than 100,000 readers have pledged their support. Keep it in the ground journalist Emma Howard explains what’s been going on behind the scenes The Keep it in the ground journalists debate climate change with editor-in-chief Alan Rushbridger. Photograph: Guardian

25 March 2015 Fossil-fuel divestment is not the way to reduce carbon emissions

or two decades I lived in Vietnam, leading research into the health challenges affecting low and middle-income countries. It is clear from my personal and professional experience that environmental change, including climate change, is among the most significant of these: rising temperatures, altered weather patterns, urbanisation and habitat loss have serious implications for nutrition, disasters…

24 March 2015 Ocean circulation changing: Ten years of ocean monitoring uncovers secrets of changing UK winters

A groundbreaking project to observe and analyse regular data about ocean circulation and how it impacts on Britain’s climate has reached a ten-year milestone, giving valuable new insights into how ocean currents can affect global warming. The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) is a major system of currents in the North Atlantic, and monitoring changes…

24 March 2015 Ascension of marine diatoms linked to vast increase in continental weathering

A team of researchers, including Rensselaer professor Morgan Schaller, has used mathematical modeling to show that continental erosion over the last 40 million years has contributed to the success of diatoms, a group of tiny marine algae that plays a key role in the global carbon cycle. The research was published today in the Proceedings…

24 March 2015 Global water use may outstrip supply by mid-century

Population growth could cause global demand for water to outpace supply by mid-century if current levels of consumption continue. But it wouldn’t be the first time this has happened, a Duke University study finds. Using a delayed-feedback mathematical model that analyzes historic data to help project future trends, the researchers identified a regularly recurring pattern…

24 March 2015 Why National Trust is focusing on restoring UK’s green lungs

I was on the Clent Hills in Worcestershire on Friday morning, there to meet the local MP and secretary of state for culture, media and sport, Sajid Javid. This area of National Trust-owned woodland and common is a historic “green lung” for the people of the Birmingham. When I arrived at 9 am, it was…

24 March 2015 World’s top zoo organisation accused of links to Taiji dolphin slaughter in Japan

Conservationists take World Association of Zoos and Aquariums to court for allegedly sanctioning a deal with fishermen in which dolphins were selected for capture Link to video: dolphins slaughtered in Taiji, Japan. WARNING: viewers may find scenes distressing. Oliver Milman and Justin McCurry

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