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24 November 2014 World bank to focus future investment on clean energy

World Bank will only fund coal projects in cases of ‘extreme need’ due to the risk climate change poses to ending world poverty, says Jim Yong Kim. The World Bank will invest heavily in clean energy and only fund coal projects in “circumstances of extreme need” because climate change will undermine efforts to eliminate extreme…

20 November 2014 EU court rules UK government must clean up dangerous air pollution

UK government must urgently improve air quality in British cities following a landmark case that could see more vehicles restricted from city centres A landmark case will allow people to sue the government for breaching EU pollution laws and will force ministers to prepare plans for many cities to improve air quality. Photograph: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty…

20 November 2014 Local authority flood defence funding cut by a third next year

New cuts to councils’ flood budgets in England will leave them under-resourced and ill-prepared, say community groups Labour and community groups say the government is going backwards on flood risk management after ministers made cuts of a third to this year’s local authority flood budgets. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images) Photograph: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

20 November 2014 Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise detained in Spain

Greenpeace ship taken into Spanish custody after oil protest in waters off of the Canary Islands, six months after being released by the Russian government Greenpeace activists hold banners reading ‘No Oil Exploration, Yes To Renewables’ off the coast of the Canary Islands, where Repsol oil company plans to drill. Photograph: Arturo Rodríguez/Greenpeace

20 November 2014 CO2 emissions must be zero by 2070 to prevent climate disaster, UN says

Negative emissions’ are needed globally by second half of century to stave off dangerous climate change, say UN scientists Global emissions of CO2 must fall to zero by 2070 to prevent a 2c rise in temperatures above pre-industrial levels, says Unep report Photograph: Luke Sharrett/Getty Images

18 November 2014 Rich countries ‘backsliding’ on climate finance

$10bn pledged for Green Climate Fund to help countries cope with global warming falls short of original commitment, say UN observers Bangladesh is among the countries where climate change is already a reality and millions of people affected by rising sea level and floods. Photograph: Nayan Kumar/Demotix/Corbis

18 November 2014 How to make old homes energy efficient

Green deal is inappropriate for Britain’s 5m historic homes, so what’s the best way to stop them leaking energy? John Vidal gets expert advice for his Grade II listed home John Vidal’s home in north Wales is a 350-year-old half-timbered industrial workers’ cottage. Photograph: theguardian.com

18 November 2014 ScienceDaily: Your source for the latest research news Featured Research from universities, journals, and other organizations Ten ways remote sensing can contribute to conservation

Scientists from the WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society), NASA, and other organizations have partnered to focus global attention on the contribution of satellites to biodiversity conservation in a recently released study entitled “Ten Ways Remote Sensing Can Contribute to Conservation,” featured in the latest edition of the scientific journal Conservation Biology. Addressing global questions requires global…

18 November 2014 Overhaul in tropical forest research needed

New work from a team led by Carnegie’s Greg Asner shows the limitations of long-used research methods in tropical rainforest ecology and points to new technological approaches for understanding forest structures and systems on large geographic scales. When forests grow, they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and store the carbon in plant branches, trunks,…

11 November 2014 Metallization of vanadium dioxide driven by large phonon entropy

Phase competition underlies many remarkable and technologically important phenomena in transition metal oxides. Vanadium dioxide (VO2) exhibits a first-order metal–insulator transition (MIT) near room temperature, where conductivity is suppressed and the lattice changes from tetragonal to monoclinic on cooling. Ongoing attempts to explain this coupled structural and electronic transition begin with two alternative starting points:…

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