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5 November 2014 Subsidy cuts and weak EU targets cloud German solar energy revolution

Germany is home to solar-powered football stadiums and funfairs but the country’s renewable energy future still faces obstacles. German ambitions to generate the vast majority its power from the sun, wind and other renewable sources by the middle of the century are at risk from cuts to solar subsidies and weak EU clean energy targets,…

4 November 2014 3 Infographics Explain Our Climate Past and Future

The final installment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) fifth assessment report (AR5), set to be released this weekend, is the most comprehensive evaluation of climate change to date. Its findings are both alarming and clear: Climate change is already affecting communities and ecosystems across the planet, and without urgent action, it’s poised…

4 November 2014 IPCC: rapid carbon emission cuts vital to stop severe impact of climate change

Most important assessment of global warming yet warns carbon emissions must be cut sharply and soon, but UN’s IPCC says solutions are available and affordable Climate change is set to inflict “severe, widespread, and irreversible impacts” on people and the natural world unless carbon emissions are cut sharply and rapidly, according to the most important…

4 November 2014 More than two fifths of English fishing quotas ‘held by foreign businesses’

Greenpeace research shows five largest foreign-owned vessels alone hold 32% of English fishing quotas More than two fifths of England’s quota for the fish it can catch is held by foreign-controlled fishing businesses, according to an investigation by Greenpeace. The environmental campaign group is urging the government to give more quota to smaller-scale, local fishermen…

3 November 2014 Istanbul’s bid to become Green Capital of Europe ‘is a joke’

City is cutting down forests and bulldozing green spaces in the name of development, say activists Istanbul’s bid to become European Green Capital of 2017 has been met with ridicule from activists and opposition politicians. The application comes at a time when the city’s authorities are clamping down on environmental protests while forging ahead with…

3 November 2014 People living near windfarms to be offered stakes from £5 to counter opposition

People living near new windfarms will be able to buy a stake in them for as little as £5 under new plans, as part of a fightback by industry to win over opponents of wind turbines. In a report produced for the Liberal Democrat energy and climate secretary, Ed Davey, renewable energy trade bodies, community…

30 October 2014 IPCC preparing ‘most important’ document on climate change

Scientists and officials are meeting in Denmark to edit what’s been termed the “most important document” on climate change. The IPCC Synthesis Report will summarise the causes and impacts of – and solutions to – rising temperatures. It will be the bedrock of talks on a new global climate deal. But there are concerns that…

30 October 2014 Drones spotted over seven French nuclear sites, says EDF

France’s state-run power firm Électricité de France (EDF) on Wednesday said unidentified drones had flown over seven nuclear plants this month, leading it to file a complaint with the police. The unmanned aircraft did not harm “the safety or the operation” of the power plants, EDF said, adding that the first drone was spotted on…

29 October 2014 Badger cull campaigners lose legal battle

Court of appeal rules against Badger Trust’s claim that lack of an independent panel to monitor government’s latest round of culls is unlawful. A legal challenge to how the government monitors the humaneness of it badger culls has been defeated. The Badger Trust applied for a judicial review in August to declare the lack of…

28 October 2014 Japan edges back towards nuclear power with vote to restart reactors

Japan has moved closer to a return to nuclear power, more than three years after the Fukushima disaster, after a town in the country’s south-west voted to approve two reactors coming back online. Nineteen of 26 assembly members in Satsumasendai, located 600 miles south-west of Tokyo, voted in favour of restarting the Sendai nuclear power…

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