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15 October 2014 Activists use GPS to track illegal loggers in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest

Covert GPS surveillance of timber trucks by Amazon campaigners has revealed how loggers are defeating attempts to halt deforestation in the world’s greatest rainforest. Raids by law enforcement officers are expected early on Wednesday morning, acting on the evidence handed to them by Greenpeace Brazil.

15 October 2014 Italy pushes ahead with ‘next generation’ biofuels from waste

Italy will become the first country in Europe to legally require “advanced biofuels” in cars and trucks, the BBC has learned. Made from waste, the new fuels are said to reduce the amount of land taken out of food production. The world’s first commercial scale plant making fuel from straw opened in Italy last year.

14 October 2014 Climate change: Models ‘underplay plant CO2 absorption’

Global climate models have underestimated the amount of CO2 being absorbed by plants, according to new research. Scientists say that between 1901 and 2010, living things absorbed 16% more of the gas than previously thought. The authors say it explains why models consistently overestimated the growth rate of carbon in the atmosphere.

14 October 2014 Mining companies lobby G20 leaders to back coal as future of energy

Mining companies are campaigning for the G20 leaders’ meeting to support continued use of coal as a solution to the global “energy poverty” crisis, as Australia resists the inclusion of climate change on the formal agenda. Peabody – the world’s largest private coal miner – has launched an online campaign titled the “Lights On” project…

13 October 2014 Renting a bike from a cyclist is a cheap way to see New York

“Rent a bike from someone like you” runs the tagline on Spinlister, an appropriately streamlined website and app that seeks to do for underused bicycles (and snowboards and surfboards) what Airbnb has done for spare rooms the world over. Spinlister allows renters to browse a map (of New York in my case) and access pictures…

10 October 2014 China pollution levels hit 20 times safe levels

Days of heavy smog shrouding swathes of northern China pushed pollution to more than 20 times safe levels on Friday, despite government promises to tackle environmental blight. Visibility dropped dramatically as measures of small pollutant particles known as PM2.5, which can embed themselves deep in the lungs, reached more than 500 micrograms per cubic metre…

10 October 2014 Satellite data shows surprising methane hotspot in US southwest

A surprising hotspot of the potent global warming gas methane hovers over part of the southwestern US, according to satellite data. That result hints that the US Environmental Protection Agency and other agencies considerably underestimate leaks of methane, which is also called natural gas. The higher level of methane is not a local safety or…

9 October 2014 Lego ends Shell partnership following Greenpeace campaign

Lego will not renew its marketing contract with Shell after coming under sustained pressure from Greenpeace to end a partnership that dates to the 1960s. The environmental campaign group, protesting about the oil giant’s plans to drill in the Arctic, had targeted the world’s biggest toy maker with a YouTube video that attracted nearly 6m…

9 October 2014 Glasgow University to sell its fossil fuel investments

Glasgow University has become the first in the UK to announce that it will sell off the shares it holds in companies that produce fossil fuels. A spokesman said the university recognised the “devastating impact” that climate change could have and the “need to reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels”. The university is withdrawing…

8 October 2014 US east coast cities face frequent flooding due to climate change

Dozens of America’s east coast cities face routine tidal flooding under climate change, researchers said on Wednesday. Miami – where the habitues of South Beach are used to sloshing through water at high tide – will deploy new pumps this week to hold back the waters of the King Tides, the highest annual high tides,…

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