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15 January 2014 UN climate chief calls for tripling of clean energy investment

The United Nations climate chief has urged global financial institutions to triple their investments in clean energy to reach the $1 trillion a year mark that would help avert a climate catastrophe. In an interview with the Guardian, the UN’s Christiana Figueres urged institutions to begin building the foundations of a clean energy economy by…

15 January 2014 Pine Island Glacier’s retreat ‘irreversible’

Antarctica’s mighty Pine Island Glacier (PIG) is now very probably in a headlong, self-sustaining retreat. This is the conclusion of three teams that have modelled its behaviour. Even if the region were to experience much colder conditions, the retreat would continue, the teams tell the journal Nature Climate Change.

14 January 2014 Microalgae and Aquatic Plants Can Help to Decrease Radiopollution in the Fukushima Area

After a huge earthquake caused severe damage to the Fukushima 1 Nuclear Power Plant in 2011, Japanese plant scientists have been working to determine the impact of radioactive contamination on wild and cultivated plants. In a special issue of Springer’s Journal of Plant Research, these experts examine the potential adverse effects of radioactivity on nature…

14 January 2014 Seashell Loss Due to Tourism Increase May Have Global Impact

Appearing in the journal PLOS ONE on Wednesday (Jan. 8), the new study by researchers from the Florida Museum of Natural History on the UF campus and the University of Barcelona demonstrates that increased tourism on the Mediterranean coast of Spain correlated with a 70 percent decrease in mollusk shells during the tourist season in…

14 January 2014 Fracking in the UK: ‘We’re going all out for shale,’ admits Cameron

David Cameron is to declarethat his government is “going all out for shale” as he announces that councils will be entitled to keep 100% of business rates raised from fracking sites in a deal expected to generate millions of pounds for local authorities. In a renewed attempt to win support for the controversial expansion of…

14 January 2014 Fishing in marine parks: NSW premier urged to maintain sanctuaries

Hundreds of marine scientists are urging the New South Wales government to avoid taking a “backwards step” by allowing fishing in once-protected marine parks. A petition, signed by 222 scientists from Australia and abroad, asks the premier, Barry O’Farrell, to keep sanctuary zones free from fishing. Sanctuary zones are areas within marine parks where fishing…

3 January 2014 Protect the Mozambique forest found on Google Earth, scientists say

Mount Mabu rainforest teeming with new and unique species including pygmy chameleons and bronze-colour snakes This pygmy chameleon is one of many such unique and new species discovered in the Mount Mabu forest of Mozambique. Photograph: Kew Gardens/Julian Bayliss

3 January 2014 Environment Recycling Where do the UK’s 6 million Christmas trees end up?

Some rot in landfill, others are gobbled up by chipping machines to become compost or weed suppresant Shorn of their baubles, tinsel and twinkling lights, the Christmas trees in a south-east London park have come to meet their end. “As long as this thing behaves itself, we could probably stick a hundred trees through it…

3 January 2014 EEA Grant calls launched

Two open calls have been launched under the EEA Grant Financial Mechanism, 2009-2014 for the programme area of “Adaptation to Climate Change in Hungary”. The first call for proposals is HU04 – C2.1: “Capacity building for local adaptation work”.

3 January 2014 A chance to speak

EBRD is inviting stakeholders to attend public consultation meetings to discuss its revised policies In February 2014, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) will host a series of seven one-day public consultation meetings to discuss its revised Environmental and Social Policy (ESP), Public Information Policy (PIP), and Project Complaint Mechanism Rules of Procedure…

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