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30 August 2016 Victoria to permanently ban fracking and coal seam gas exploration

Activists and farmers hail decision after inquiry into onshore unconventional gas received 1,600 submissions The Victorian government said the fracking ban ‘acknowledges that the risks involved outweigh any potential benefits’. Photograph: Tim Wimborne/Reuters

30 August 2016 Climate Change Authority splits over ETS report commissioned by Coalition

Exclusive: Top climate advisers divided over report, which recommends a policy that could break the political gridlock over climate change Climate Change Authority members Anthea Harris, Professor David Karoly and Professor Clive Hamilton in 2012. Karoly and Hamilton plan to issue a dissenting report on how the government can meet its emissions reduction target. Photograph:…

16 August 2016 Elephant dies after 1,000-mile journey from India to Bangladesh

Conservation officials’ attempt to transport animal to safari park after it was separated from herd in floods in Assam fails Bystanders try to pull the elephant from a pond in Jamalpur, northern Bangladesh. Officers had followed it for 48 days. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

16 August 2016 Electricity retailers use lack of competition to exploit consumers, analysis says

AGL, Origin and EnergyAustralia dominating the market, with consumers suffering most in South Australia The ‘big three’ electricity retailers, AGL, Origin and EnergyAustralia, are exploiting a lack of competition and the complexity of bills, according to a report by CME and GetUp. Photograph: Bloomberg/Bloomberg via Getty Images

15 August 2016 Waste of resources is biggest threat to planet, warns Scottish environment agency

Scotland’s industries and farmers must cut energy, greenhouse gas emissions and resource use as waste overtakes pollution as the major environmental threat, says head of regulator Scottish salmon farms have been highlighted as needing to improve environmental sustainability. Photograph: REX/Shutterstock Severin Carrell, Scotland editor Scotland’s environment agency has warned the country’s industries and farmers that…

15 August 2016 Modern life doesn’t have to be rubbish: helping Mumbai clean up its act

Modern life doesn’t have to be rubbish: helping Mumbai clean up its act On a suburban beach scores of volunteers take on mountains of waste and years of apathy in India’s most populous city The litter-strewn Versova beach in Mumbai. Photograph: Neerav Ghosh Bhavya Dore in Mumbai A plastic bag peeked out from under the…

1 August 2016 England’s plastic bag usage drops 85% since 5p charge introduced

Number of single-use bags handed out dropped to 500m in first six months since charge, compared with 7bn the previous year The number of single-use plastic bags used by shoppers in England has plummeted by more than 85% after the introduction of a 5p charge last October, early figures suggest.

29 June 2016 ‘Devastated’: scientists too late to captive breed mammal lost to climate change

Australian conservationists spent five months obtaining permissions and planning for a captive breeding programme for the Bramble Cay melomys. But when they arrived on the rodent’s tiny, low-lying island, they discovered they were too late. The Bramble Cay melomys has become the first mammal believed to go extinct entirely due to climate change impacts. Photograph:…

29 June 2016 New York’s whales to be studied for the first time

Scientists hope new information will help protect the little-understood whale population that feeds and travels through the city’s waters   A humpback whale feeds less than six miles from New York City in 2014. Waters off New York City and the greater New York Bight serve as a feeding ground, nursery, and migratory corridor for…

29 June 2016 How can we make Brexit work for the environment?

And so, Brexit has happened. I, like many people reading this, feel desperately sad today.

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