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19 May 2016 Great Barrier Reef needs $10bn for chance of survival, scientists say

This election is Australia’s last chance to save the reef, which requires $1bn a year for 10 years to reduce water pollution to give it a chance to survive climate change, report warns The Great Barrier Reef is experiencing its worst ever bleaching event. Photograph: William West/AFP/Getty Images

19 May 2016 Trump won’t be able to derail Paris climate deal, says senior US official

Country’s low emissions action plan cannot be undone even by a Donald Trump presidency, but it may put global cooperation on climate change at risk

19 May 2016 London borough installs 6,000 solar panels over marketplace

£2m scheme by Hounslow council on Western International Market will be biggest solar scheme by any local authority, and use batteries to store energy The 1.73MW array of solar panels installed by the London Borough of Hounslow generate half Western International Market’s electricity demand. Photograph: London Borough of Hounslow/PA

16 May 2016 Continuing collapse of Antarctic ice shelves will affect us all

A terrifying incident rocked the Argentine Matienzo base on the Antarctic Peninsula in 1995.

16 May 2016 Not a drop to waste: how expanding Australian cities can tackle water shortages

Smart leak detection and reusing stormwater to reduce urban heat are discussed at this year’s OzWater as cities prepare for climate change

16 May 2016 Direct Action funds ‘spent on projects that would have happened anyway’

Payments to greenhouse gas emitters more likely to go to reduction schemes that would have taken place without government funding, says economist

12 May 2016 Air pollution: how does it affect you?

With new WHO data shedding light on the severity of the problem, we want to hear from readers across the globe on their experiences of air pollution A haze of air pollution covers the London skyline in the early hours of the morning. Photograph: Mary Turner/Getty Images More than 80% of people living in urban…

12 May 2016 28% of US bees wiped out this winter, suggesting bigger environmental issues

More than half of beekeepers suffered unsustainable losses, with deadly mite infestations and harmful land management practices piling on pressure ‘This suggests there is something more going on – bees may be the canary in the coal mine of bigger environmental problems.’ Photograph: Richard Becker/Alamy

12 May 2016 UN climate science chief: it’s not too late to avoid dangerous temperature rise

Hoesung Lee, head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, voices hope in battle against 2C increase in warming but warns of ‘phenomenal’ costs   Hoesung Lee said the goal of avoiding a 2C increase in global temperatures remained feasible. Photograph: Etienne Laurent/EPA

4 May 2016 Idea of renewables powering UK is an ‘appalling delusion’ – David MacKay

Country should focus on nuclear power and carbon capture technologies, former chief scientific adviser said in his final interview

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