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4 May 2016 Malta should consider moratorium on turtle dove hunting, says EU

European commission investigating violations of the EU bird directive after Malta allows 5,000 turtle doves to be shot, says Karmenu Vella

4 May 2016 Global water shortages to deliver ‘severe hit’ to economies, World Bank warns

The Middle East, north Africa, central Asia and south Asia due to suffer biggest economic hit from water scarcity as climate change takes hold, report finds

25 April 2016 World heading for catastrophe over natural disasters, risk expert warns

With cascading crises – where one event triggers another – set to rise, international disaster risk reduction efforts are woefully underfunded

25 April 2016 A global coalition mapping and motivating decarbonization

A coalition of governments, oil companies, and other key parties works for climate action and carbon pricing

15 April 2016 Great monarch butterfly migration mystery solved

Scientists have built a model circuit that solves the mystery of one of nature’s most famous journeys – the great migration of monarch butterflies from Canada to Mexico.

12 April 2016 Mining giant Vedanta argues UK court should not hear Zambia pollution case

Villagers in Zambia’s Copperbelt region claim water was contaminated by a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources, but the firm claims case should be heard in Zambia, not the UK

12 April 2016 Climate change plan: thinktank suggests policy both sides of politics can embrace

The Grattan Institute has proposed adapting the Coalition’s Direct Action into a bipartisan policy that effectively cuts emissions

12 April 2016 Victoria renewables target of 30% is achievable, modelling shows

Friends of the Earth joins union and business groups to call on state premier to adopt an ambitious target

8 April 2016 Meet the woman racing to save the planet

Nascar driver Leilani Münter is on a mission to convert America’s 75 million racing fans into vegan eco-warriors

8 April 2016 Cutting food and carbon waste-lines for healthy climate

Reducing food waste and changing the way people consume calories will help deliver a sustainable food system and reduce emissions, a study suggests.

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