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8 April 2016 Penguin Watch: Public asked to aid Antarctic research

British scientists who have set up a network of penguin-monitoring cameras in Antarctica are asking the public to help them carry out their research.

7 April 2016 Exploding stars left recent, radioactive mark on Earth

Two new studies confirm that multiple exploding stars, called supernovae, have showered the Earth with radiation within the last few million years.

7 April 2016 UK nuclear security is better than North Korea’s

Dr David Lowry (Letters, 5 April) presents a highly selective and misleading view of the recent Nuclear Threat Initiative report.

7 April 2016 Edward Thomas’s In Pursuit of Spring – historic photo locations revisited

In 1913, poet Edward Thomas cycled from London to Somerset to “meet the spring”. The vivid account of his journey, In Pursuit of Spring, was published the following year. Thomas died on the western front in 1917.

31 March 2016 Small, cheap gravity gadget to peer underground

UK researchers have built a small device that measures tiny fluctuations in gravity, and could be used to monitor volcanoes or search for oil.

31 March 2016 ‘Drastic’ Antarctic melt could double global sea-level rise

Global sea levels could rise by more than double the current best estimate, according to a new analysis of climate change in Antarctica.

30 March 2016 Arctic sea ice extent breaks record low for winter

With the ice cover down to 14.52m sq km, scientists now believe the Arctic is locked onto a course of continually shrinking sea ice

30 March 2016 Is business ready for extreme weather? – open thread

From food to clothes, extreme weather events are affecting key industries. As we kick off a new series on extreme weather – tell us what we should cover

30 March 2016 Link between fossil fuels and Great Barrier Reef bleaching clear and incontrovertible Graham Readfearn

Where only a few weeks ago there were swathes of vivid purples, blues and pretty much any other colour you fancy, now there is just grey and white. Corals in the northern section of Australia’s vast Great Barrier Reef – a length of more than 1000km or so – have become the latest and most…

17 March 2016 Choked Mexico City bans 1m cars in air pollution alert

Free public transport offered as city remains shrouded in muddy brown smog and officials consider suspending industrial activity

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